Tonight I made a lovely meal for ‘date night’.  The weather’s become a bit more blustery in my area of the world, and summer seems to be on its way out – however I still managed to make use of the grill tonight.  On the menu was:

Sausage and-Olives Grilled Pizza (courtesy of Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food)

Spinach greens with balsamic dressing

Red wine (of course, it’s date night!)

Mmmm this pizza was delicious!  I’d never actually grilled fresh pizza dough before.   Was a bit scary, and using just tongs to flip the dough midway did NOT work for me, to say the least.  I started to try and flip the dough when it was bubbling as expected (phew!), and it started tearing on me! aahh!  So I had to boot it back into the house, get the BBQ flipper, and McGuiver a way to flip the dough.  It ended up working out, but not before I broke into some serious nervous sweats.

On a side note – how good is fresh rosemary!  It’s my first summer growing this herb, and wow does it taste so much better than the dried.

Hope you all had nice Thursday meals!  1 more work day to go.  We’re off to a wedding tomorrow night, so I have the night off cooking.

Stay tuned to hear about Saturday night and my plans for next week.  We’re hosting friends for dinner Saturday night, and I’m excited.  This is what I love.  We’ve got a tomato beet salad, roasted potatoes and beef tenderloin roast to look forward to!

Happy Cooking!