We were at a wedding out of town this past Saturday, so when we got home on Sunday we were exhausted!  We were planning on having guests for dinner Monday night, so I did the prep for that meal Sunday evening and we ordered pizza for Sunday’s dinner.  I felt very guilty (!) but it was a mega time saver.

Monday night we had a couple over for dinner!  I made Chicken Enchiladas with a Creamy Green Sauce ahead of time, so that things weren’t so rushed after work.  A green salad with a basic vinaigrette of oil, white wine vinegar and dijon mustard was used as the dressing.  It was tasty!!  And we had lots of leftovers, bonus!  I used to hate leftovers, but now I find they are the best thing since sliced bread, cause it drastically cuts down on the lunch prep time.

Tuesday was Asian Chicken Chili Soup, and what a perfect meal it was!  It was a cool, rainy fall day today and a soup dinner hit the spot!  I added some frozen shelled edamame to give it some extra protein (for hubby-to-be).  I also found 3 tsp of the chili sauce was not enough spice, but maybe it was my sauce.  Can’t wait to take these leftovers to work!

Wednesday will be seasoned fresh salmon in the oven, with roasted sweet potato and salad.  It’s not as special of a meal, since I have bootcamp and need to rush out the door very early!

Thursday is hubby-to-be’s time to shine!  He’s working days, and since I work til 7, he’s on dinner duty.  Hubby-to-be is, what I would say, not too well versed in the kitchen, and so his specialty is Shepherd’s Pie.  He uses a seasoning package to prepare the ground beef, makes homemade mashed potatoes and corn.  Salad will go on the side.

Friday is Baked Eggplant Parmesan! I love love love eggplant!  Yay for fall.  Actually I used to hate it, but that’s because I was actually intimidated by it – whenever I had it previously it was very mushy, but this recipe help to avoid the mushiness.   Hope you enjoy it too!!

It’s the lead up to Thanksgiving here in Canada! yay!  Saturday is when I’ll be cooking my second turkey (ever).  Looking forward to it!  I’ll write about my selected sides soon!

Happy Cooking (and eating!).