My name is Amanda, and I am a “newlywife”.  Husband and I were married on January 29, 2011.  I love to cook.  So much so, that buying cooking books or checking up on cooking websites is what I do in my free time.  I am passionate about creating enjoyable meals for myself and my hubby.  I also love to spread the joy of cooking!   Since I love to cook exciting meals, but DESPISE running to the grocery store nightly after work; I typically plan my supper menus a week in advanced.

The aim of my blog, is to help other newlywives (or anyone else), who may also have some passion for food or cooking,  organize themselves better to make eating well easier!

Cook along with me!  Share your experiences cooking my weekly menus!  Divulge any tips or tricks you discover along the way!  Can’t wait!!

Happy Cooking 🙂