Well, I’ve been delinquent.  Very delinquent.  I haven’t stuck to this blogging very well, and it’s been exactly 6 months since my last post.

However, I think I have a good excuse.  My hubby and I were married almost 3 months ago!!  So it was a crazy, busy build-up to the wedding, and then a few months of organizing after.

But I’m back on track.  I swear.  And the partially sad thing  is that I continued to plan my weekly supper menus the entire time – just didn’t take the time to blog about it.

So here’s a bit more information about us.  And next week’s menu plan will be posted this weekend.

We got married on a freezing cold, gorgeously snowy winters day.  It was a lovely day with many wonderful memories.

Afterward we travelled to Costa Rica for a fabulous honeymoon.   Boy, how I miss that weather.

And since then, we’ve been settling in nicely to married life.  And I’ve finally almost found a place for each of the wedding gifts we received.  I’m so excited, because I finally feel as though I have most of the kitchen utensils I need.  I no longer need to skip recipes that involve food processors, or mandolines – we got both!  Yay! Till this weekend, here’s a peak at what we had for dinner tonight.  Martha Stewart’s Mushroom and Black Bean Tortilla Casserole, it’s a great meatless main dish.

I’ll fill you in on why meatless main dishes are important to me shortly.

Till then, happy eating!