Well spring is nearing, and I’m finding that our taste palettes are definitely catching the spring bug!  This weekend is Easter!  Yum, holidays are the best for lovely meals!

The menu for this week is as follows:

Monday – Real Simple‘s Beef Quesadillas with watercress and corn salad .  I substituted whole wheat tortillas (of course), however the meat was more bland than I expected – so next time I would definitely add more cayenne pepper, and likely some cumin too.  We substituted arugula for the watercress (potatO, potAto).  Not too bad for a Monday night meal.

Tuesday – Mustard Chicken, wild rice and sauteed brussel sprouts.  This is a recipe from Martha Stewart‘s Everyday Food December 2007 edition – for which I can’t find an electronic link.  Basically, we coat the chicken in grainy mustard (dijon), bake at 400F for 30 min, prepare the wild rice, sauté some brussel sprouts in canola oil and season with pepper and thyme.  Easy – yet delicious and nutritious!

Wednesday – Greek salad with chickpeas and greek-marinated pork tenderloin.  We looove greek salad!  And I was excited to find out that so does The Pioneer Woman – an incredible blogger who makes me salivate with her gorgeous photos!  For the pork tenderloin, it’s marinated in olive oil, oregano, lemon juice and s&p.

Thursday – We’re being treated to dinner at my brother’s house.  So make one of your favorite staples! 🙂

EASTER! – We do turkey again at our Easter…so that’s what the dish will be based around.  Although I love ham, our family members prefer turkey. Our sides will include:

– Mom’s red cabbage (see the October Thanksgiving post)

scalloped potatoes

– asparagus withe lemon zest

oven-roasted grape tomatoes with chives

– turnip

– stuffing (also see October’s post)

– white wine sangria for the daytime (chef’s juice!)

and a dessert that I thought was too cute!

Plus, I’m making a lemon cake for the in-law’s Easter dinner. I’ll share that recipe later this week.

Hope you’ve got a lovely week of meals planned for you and your loved ones!

Happy suppers!


Easter was lovely!  I thought I would update about the changes I made to the menu.  After the turkey was in the oven, I realized that there was no way I was going to be able to bake scalloped potatoes in the oven as well!  There was no room!  So mashed it was.  The turnip was cubed, boiled and lightly seasoned with margarine and nutmeg.  Also I didn’t write that for the turkey, it’s seasoned with coarse salt and pepper, thyme and sage.  Chicken broth goes in the bottom of the pan, to start the basting process.  Hope you all had lovely Easter feasts as well!