Tired of searching all of your various chefs/cooking websites? It can get exhausting!
Between Martha, Food Network, Cooking Light, Epicurious, Allrecipes, Eating Well, etc., etc. you can get lost! To help reduce the number of times you say to yourself “now where did I see that amazing oregano and lemon chicken marinade again?” there’s a new toy! It’s called www.foodily.com!

It’s a recipe search engine that draws from many popular websites and blogs. It’s better organized than Google’s search for recipes. And I could easily spend hours browsing though the various recipes and photos. Yum! What a great new way to find new recipes.
Wow my  to-do  to-make list is growing!!  Where do I start  –   honey-mustard chicken sausage kebobs?  Grilled steak with beets & raddichio?  Stay tuned!

Happy Long Weekend!