Hello!  Well this has been a busy week.  After waiting months and months (5 to be exact!) we finally got a new addition to our family!  Welcome Roy Wallace McLarty!!  He’s the shining star at our house right now, and we’re in love!

(Please excuse the dusty table! I swear I dusted like 3 days before this pic was taken.)

He is quite the busy little pup, which makes my dinner preparations a bit hairy!  It’s tough to cook and make sure Roy isn’t peeing on the floor/chewing the coffee table/pulling at electrical wires!!  But it’s so nice to have him.

Okay – enough about us. Let’s get to the meals!

Monday – Was a holiday and we picked up Roy today!  So we had frozen leftovers tonight so that all our attention could be on the little guy.

Tuesday –  Salmon with mango salsa, jasmine rice and spinach salad.   Gotta love those omega-3s and healthy unsaturated fats from the salmon.  Mango and spinach = vitamin C goodness.

WednesdayChicken with Paprika sauce.  This is one of my favorite meals!  Such a yummy comfort food.  And my planning worked perfectly, as it was a rainy cold day when we had this wonderfully warm meal.  I totally planned for that. Definitely.

Thursday – Beef tenderloin & Spring Risotto Primavera.  This was a splurge night!  I picked up the beef tenderloin a few weeks ago when it was on mega-sale and froze it.  I didn’t want to wait too long to prepare it, in order to save ourselves from the dreaded freezer burn.  So Thursday it was!   I marinated it with olive oil (o.o.) and dried herbs.  Then BBQ’ed on low for ~30-45 min (1.5 lbs roast).  This low maintenance meat gave me lots of time to spend stirring the risotto.  Hubby loves risotto.  So do I.


Friday –  We are going out for dinner!  Enjoy your weekend.