So that tilapia dish was such a disappointment last week.   It really stinks when you put the time in to make a fresh, homemade meal and the recipe is a flop.  I try to really think about the ingredients and the flavours they will provide when I select a recipe – but I’m not a ‘top chef’, so there will be the occasional bland or boring recipe.  I will always try to recap those ones, and offer suggestions for any of you out there who haven’t made the dish yet.  And if you have any suggestions, let me know as well!  Let’s hope this week’s recipes are all winners!

Sunday – Father’s Day.  I was asked to bring a salad to our family get-together, and so I made a simple green salad.  Romaine lettuce, halved cherry tomatoes, fresh corn sliced off the cob, and a dressing of 3 parts canola oil, 1 part white wine vinegar, cumin & lime juice.

Monday –  We had Sesame-crusted Salmon with orange hoisin sauce, snap peas, basmati rice and spinach with a mandarin orange dressing.   I love seasame seeds on salmon!  They add such a yummy crunch factor.  We grilled the fish since it was too warm to have the oven on!  Yay summer!

Tuesday –  Everyday Food’s Cucumber & celery salad with tuna.  This recipe was in the July Everyday Food edition, and looks like a great healthy supper.  Does anyone else love the crunch of celery in salads?  Since I first had the Swiss Chalet house salad as a child, I have always found the celery in it to be such a yummy addition!

WednesdayTurkey Burgers, grilled corn and a green salad.  An easier weeknight meal, since we’re having friends for dinner and I want to be able to enjoy the outdoors rather than be stuck inside the kitchen all evening!  We will be using whole wheat buns (of course!).

Thursday –  Grilled Greek Tacos!  When I saw this featured on ‘Our Best Bites’ I knew it would be a winner for both my hubby and myself.  We love tacos and greek food!  What a creative idea to merge both.  Can’t wait for this meal!

Friday – Everyday Food’s Skirt steak with warm bean salad.  Skirt steak is a cut of meat that is similar to flank steak.  Martha Stewart seems to feature many recipes in the summer that involve flank steak.  It must be easier to find flank steak in the US, cause I rarely see it at the grocery store except for in the specialty meat counter.  So make sure you look well for it, otherwise look for a thin marinating steak, and once it’s cooked slice into strips against the grain.  Cannellini beans are similar to white kidney beans – full of wonderful soluble fibre!

What are your go-to summer salads?  Any favorites that you’ve tried here?

Happy Cooking!