Hello there!  Any exciting, yummy suppers out there?  What are you all cooking in your kitchens?   I’m also trying to bake more, as it’s not something I do very often.  I figure that I should work on my baking skills when I have time!!  Last week I made lemon poppyseed muffins from Joy the Baker.

The other reason I don’t bake much, is that I don’t want all the delicious baked goods tempting me in our house!  So it’s good when I can bake for others.   I took a bunch of these muffins in to work.

Here’s what the newlyweds are eating for supper this week!

SundaySpaghetti Nests!  I saw these featured on one of the cooking blogs I follow and immediately wanted to make them.  I have a flourishing basil plant in the backyard, which I haven’t been putting to use lately!  So I decided to make this recipe, and substituted the chives for basil.  And of course we used whole wheat pasta.  And had a spinach salad. 🙂  This was delicious!

Monday – Pioneer Woman’s Grilled chicken & pineapple quesadilla.  This was a wonderful twist on a traditional recipe!  Loved the combination of the grilled pineapple, BBQ sauce, and cilantro in a quesadilla.  This also gave me a great reason to bring out our griddle, which I haven’t used that often!

TuesdayPizza Bianca from Everyday Food.  This will be our meatless main dish for the week.  We love to put arugula on our pizza!  Do you?

Wednesday –  Bon Appetite’s Soba Noodle Salad with Salmon and Asparagus.  Soba noodles are typically found in the health food or organic foods section.  This is our fish dish of the week (wow that rhymes!).

Thursday – Everyday Food’s Arugula, Chicken and Rice Salad.   I’ll use poached chicken for this one.  To poach chicken quickly I place the breasts in a pot of boiling water and then let the water simmer for about 15 minutes.  That makes chicken that’s easy to shred and add to mixed dishes.

That’s it for this week!  It’s Canada Day on Friday, and who knows where the weekend will take us – so I don’t typically plan the meals for a long weekend in advanced.

Happy Cooking (and long weekend) !