It was long weekends for both Canadians and Americans this past weekend!  Full of cookouts, sun, sand and fun!  It’s truly the heart of summer now, and the summer-inspired meals are still rolling!  What did you have over the long weekend?

Last Wednesday I made the soba noodle salad with salmon, and although I was excited to make it – I was surprised at how amazing this meal was!  The flavours were incredible!  I really recommend it.  Here’s what it looked like before we scarfed it down:

And here’s what we’ll be eating for supper this week!

Sunday –  We had a low-key, easy meal of turkey taco salad.  For the dressing, I mix equal parts low-fat sour cream and salsa.

Monday – We had Everyday Food’s Croque Madame sandwiches and spinach salad with homemade dressing.  Who doesn’t love eggs for supper?  It’s, as my hubby says, like a warm comforting hug as a meal.

TuesdayLemon Orzo Salad with vegetable and chicken from Our Best Bites. This is a quick one dish meal that’s easy for a hot summer night.  You could BBQ the chicken too to limit the number of dishes!  I will serve this on a bed of greens, as it’s not quite enough veggies for us!

Wednesday –  We will be having German potato salad and garlic-rosemary pork tenderloin from Our Best Bites.  Steamed broccoli will be the veggie.  This is our feature meal of the week, cause it’s the one I’m most looking forward to!  I am really not a fan of creamy potato salad, and recipes that don’t feature a lot of cream are far and few between.  So that’s why I’m happy to have found this recipe.  I also hope it tastes like my Oma’s german potato salad – yummy summer memories with the grandparents.

ThursdayGrilled garlic-lime fish tacos from July’s volume of Everyday Food.   As I’ve said before, we LOVE fish tacos!  I’m looking forward to a slightly new take on the dish!  What I find frustrating though, is small 6-inch corn tortillas are always so hard to find in Canada!  I typically end up using whole wheat tortillas.

FridayPork and Snap pea kebabs with ginger-hoisin sauce, Asian carrot slaw and fresh cilantro mixed with basmatic rice!  Happy Friday!  I feel like this meal will be a wonderful start to another weekend – grilling with many flavours!  Who wants to join us?

Happy Cooking to all!