Hello!!  I’ve fallen behind this week.  With my new job and the beautiful summer weather, it’s harder to find time to spend on the computer.  Since I’ve already made 3 of the meals this week – I’ll just get to the descriptions!  Hope you’ve also been eating some great suppers!

Sunday – We made beer can chicken using our Weber chicken roaster.   This was our first time doing this!  We followed the recipe from the Food Network and found the chicken to be too moist – almost as if it was poached.  We took it off the roaster and placed it on the grills of the BBQ for about 10 minutes to give it a more BBQ’ed flavour.  Does anyone out there have a better recipe for beer can chicken?  Originally I didn’t feel like creating a fancy marinade, as I wanted the beer flavour to shine through.  But it was a bit dissapointing.  Still a fun thing to do on a Sunday, just not as tasty as we hoped.  Maybe a marinade is what I need?   We served this with baked potatoes done on the BBQ and a green salad.

Monday – We had Black bean, ground pork and green bean stirfry from Canadian Living.  Hubby really liked this dish, and I was pleasantly surprised.  No offence to Canadian Living, but sometimes I find their recipes hit or miss.  So I’m glad this one was a hit.  Not a ‘rave about it to family and friends’ hit, but a ‘quick weekday meal’ hit.

TuesdayWarm salad with honey-mustard flank steak was the perfect summer deck meal.   This one is from the Spring version of the LCBO Food & Drink magazine, and it was delicious!!  A light and nutritious supper, yum!

Wednesday – We will be having Panko-crusted Chicken stuffed with ricotta, spinach, tomatoes and basil.  I will serve some grilled sliced zucchini with this supper.

Thursday – I have an appointment after work this night, and so dinner is up to my wonderful husband!  We shall see what he makes!

Friday – We’ve planned to eat Spicy Honey Chicken Salad from the site Our Best Bites.  And to add to this meal, I’m planning on grilling some crostini.  Perhaps something to dip the crostini into?  I’m not sure – since I’m such a bread lover that I actually like it best on it’s own!  Can’t wait!!  (Grilled crostini is made by brushing olive oil on thin slices of baguette and seasoning with sea salt, then grilling til nicely toasted).

Happy Cooking!