Planning supper menus definitely takes a higher priority for more of us once we are back to the routine of fall.  Have any of you made an effort to plan out your meals, streamline your grocery shopping and save time?  I did continue to map out our suppers all summer long; however I find with the spontaneity of summer plans, sometimes my menus wouldn’t pan out as I had intended.    Places to go, activities to do, people to see.  You know how summer goes.

I am definitely one who loves when the next season arrives.  I guess as a planner by nature, I like having something new to look forward to.  Fall is lovely, and I can’t wait for those crisp sunny days, pumpkin & cinnamon flavours and roasts in the oven.  For now during the transition between summer and fall, our tastes are slightly changing as well.  I’ve noticed I comment on the weather often during these posts, and that’s because what I cook really depends on what is going on around me.  Personally, I would never cook chili in July, or corn on the cob in February.  The seasons and my food preferences go hand in hand.

So on this mixed weather week, here’s what we’ll be eating!

MondayOpen-faced Caprese Sandwich from Real Simple with Spinach Greens and Balsamic Dressing.  I chose this as it gave me an opportunity to use the basil from my planter box, and fresh Ontario field tomatoes.  Dark rye was our bread of choice, and it was wonderful.  This is a great simple supper.

TuesdayRed curry glazed salmon from Real Simple with snow peas and basmatic rice.   We buy a bag of frozen Pacific salmon filets from Costco, so we always have salmon on hand.  Hubby is a fan of curry (thank goodness!) so I’m looking forward to this new take on salmon.  When you buy salmon look for wild salmon as it is lower in potential contaminants, like PCBs and methyl mercury.  It’s harder to find wild Atlantic salmon, so often Pacific is best.

WednesdaySausage and rice stuffed peppers from Everyday Food.  This can be a batch meal for the rest of your week!  Double or triple this recipe and have leftovers for a different lunch or even a quick Friday night meal.  Take advantage of our local fresh peppers for this dish!

Thursday – I’m going to a potluck and bringing a salad, so that’s what this recipe is all about.   Grated beet salad!  I will admit, I used to be intimidated by beets.  But once I gave them a shot, I love encorporating them in many dishes.  Just don’t use your best cutting board, as the red beet colour may stain it.

Friday – I’m on my own this weekend, so dinner will be a little less labour intensive.  I plan on having a Spicy Tuna Melt from Everyday Food with a salad on the side.  If we’re talking about fish and what’s best on this post, you also want to buy only light/skipjack tuna.  It’s much lower in mercury than it’s more expensive counterpart: white albacore tuna.  For once, something that’s healthier is less expensive!

What are you eating for supper this week?  How have your meals changed since September rolled around?

Happy Cooking!