The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with shopping, wrapping, visiting, cooking and baking.  If you don’t plan your meals in advanced, we can often end up relying on take-out, fast food, or microwave meals.  Here are some delicious meals that you may want to incorporate into your supper plans for this week before Christmas!

Baked Macaroni and Cheese from Cooking Light.  The use of whole wheat noodles, and the fact that the main cheese used is 1% cottage cheese makes for a healthy version of a comfort dish.  Watch your portion and try to balance it with half a dinner plate of salad.

Spanish spaghetti with olives from Cooking Light. I used saffron that my mom brought back from England for me.  Apparently saffron is much cheaper in Europe than it is here.  Also as a side note – the scent and taste of saffron brought me right back to Costa Rica.  They used a lot of it in the dishes we had during our honeymoon.  yum.  This supper was a wonderful change from traditional spaghetti.  Saffron, capers, olives – oh my!  It sounds exotic, but don’t be afraid to try it.  With whole wheat spaghetti and a large side of salad, of course!

Lo-mein with Pork from Everyday Food.  If you use the quick cooking Asian noodles for this dish, it cuts down on the cooking time!  Also, using smaller cuts of pork (if you don’t have leftovers from the pork tenderloin, as the recipe states) makes for faster cooking.

Have a merry and delicious Christmas!!