Oh goodness.  Too many weeks have passed, and I have not found enough time to add more recipes!  So sorry for the delay!

I have been really happy to hear from some of you out there who use my site for cooking inspiration!  The fact that you trust the recipes I feature – it is wonderful.  Through my job I hear that not many people out there make time to cook suppers for their family, and so I am thrilled if I can help you find a delicious and healthy recipe that you can whip up on weeknights or weekends.  Please feel free to leave any feedback you have for me!

Now, onto some new recipes!

Yellow rice & beans & chicken and chorizo from Cooking Light was similar to paella, yum yum.  Sometimes I get frustrated by recipes that feature ingredients that can only be found in the US, however I was able to find yellow rice!  Food Basics has a great ethnic section, where a box of yellow rice was successfully found.  The yellow colour comes from the saffron flavouring.  This meal didn’t take too much time, and made enough for leftovers!  Add a side salad to meet all of your nutrient needs!

Pesto pasta with chicken, zucchini and tomatoes from Becel.  Use whole wheat pasta to make this even more nutritious!  For this meal, I cheated and used red and green pesto from a jar; I just combined them, to taste.  This saved time to make this a speedier weeknight meal.

Spinach and edamame salad from Two Peas and their Pod was a very speedy supper!   I added grilled chicken to give this dish more protein and make it better suited for supper.  I found pepitas in the bulk section of the Superstore.  Many recipes state the cook time, and unless you’re a professional chef there’s no way you can make it in that time.  However, this recipe really only takes 20 minutes!  Definitely worth trying!

Quick Penne with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes from the Food Network’s Giada de Laurentis was a delicious, spring meal!  This is a vegetarian meal that will keep you and your family feeling full if you use whole wheat pasta.  I used frozen peas, since fresh shelled peas are a little harder to find, and they were just as good.  (PS. the picture is not my plate [that would be a huge portion!], it’s the mixing bowl and contains the whole recipe )

Chicken Taco Cups from For the Love of Cooking.   To prepare the chicken, it is best to poach it (simmer in seasoned water for ~20 minutes)!  That way you can prepare the other ingredients while the chicken cooks.   I couldn’t find mexican cotija cheese, and therefore substituted cream cheese – worked just fine!  Pair with a salad with corn, black beans and tomatoes.

Happy Cooking!