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Are we the only ones who find Labour Day depressing?  It’s not like we are going back to school or anything really changes for us, but we still can’t help feeling like things are ‘a changing’.  Luckily, this weather is still allowing us to make yummy summery dishes – so give these a try before fall arrives!

Buffalo Chicken Tacos from How Sweet It Is are a fairly quick, yet delicious meal!!  For our toppings, we used green cabbage, blue cheese, cilantro and ranch dressing.  I love Jessica’s new take on tacos.  Try this for a weeknight meal, and enjoy the leftovers for lunches!

Grilled Ham and Pineapple Pizza from Cooking Light was another simple meal!  We bought a pre-made thin pizza crust from the Superstore.  I topped it with the grilled prosciutto and pineapple, and wow!  Such great flavours from grilling the toppings.  This was definitely a quick dinner, I think I served it within 30 minutes of firing up the grill.  To make this meal more nutritious, only eat 1 or 2 pieces and serve with a large salad.  Eat the rest as lunch leftovers!

Lemony Orzo Salad with Fresh Dill from For the Love of Cooking is a great side for any grilled meat or fish.  Don’t you love the flavour of fresh dill?  I think the combination of dill, lemon and feta cheese is incredible.  This salad was great the next day as well.

Summertime No-Cook Pasta from Martha Stewart.  Cherry tomatoes, fresh basil, garlic – yum yum yum!  This was another easy, low-effort supper.  I actually liked it better the next day, when I could reheat it as a whole dish.  The first night I prepared it, the instructions wanted me to put the cool ricotta on the warm pasta – it was just ok.  For me, the meal was much better when the ricotta was warm.  So maybe try and heat the ricotta in a pot or blast it in the microwave before serving…

Thai Steak Salad from Cooking Light.  I love the thai flavours in this salad!  Do you have fish sauce in your pantry?  It is a necessity for thai cooking.  I laugh everytime I use it because of Monti from  Masterchef.  She described fish sauce and said it tastes like death!  I definitely wouldn’t eat it on it’s own, but it’s great in an asian sauce.  If I was to make this again, I would marinate the flank steak in the sauce first – ours was a tad tough and marinating would definitely help.

What have you tried lately?  Still grilling, or have you moved on to fall comfort foods?




We love beans and legumes around here.  I’d say we eat them at least once a week – either in salads in the summer or in soups or chilis in the winter.  So many people are hesitant to include them in meals, but here are a few recipes that can give you some inspiration!   Hope you’ve been enjoying your suppers as much as we have been!

The latest salad we’ve tried is Roasted Summertime Chickpea salad from the How Sweet It Is blog.  So delicious!  Other than substituting green onions for the red onions (had the green ones in my fridge already), I followed the recipe entirely.  Make sure you don’t leave out the crumbled blue cheese!!  It’s an amazing complement to the flavours of the salad.   Use your fresh local corn, and give this recipe a shot!

Another wonderful dinner was Salmon with Mango Chimichurri from Everyday Food.  So easy and quick!!  Salmon with a fruit salsa is my latest summer favorite.  We’ve tried pineapple, mango, peaches in various salsas, yum yum!  (Chimichurri basically means salsa.)  Everyday Food is also doing this great thing, where one of the staff cooks the recipe on video and teaches cooking techniques at the same time.  Try this one and watch Sarah’s video to work on your skills!

Three bean salad from Everyday Food was another awesome salad.  This is not your grandmother’s canned bean salad!  The pasta and fresh green beans, as well as the celery were an amazing touch!  I served this salad on a bed of baby spinach (to increase the veggie factor) along with grilled chicken that was drizzled with a balsamic reduction (aka balsamic syrup).

Greek-style Chicken with Tomatoes and Tzatziki from Everyday Food is a simple and flavourful dish.  Did you know it’s so easy to make your own tzatziki sauce?  Just use some plain greek yogurt, parsley and lemon juice!  Then use the rest of the greek yogurt with berries and a touch of honey at breakfast 🙂

Happy Cooking!


Summer is in full swing!  There are so many wonderful flavours of summer.  Cilantro, lime, cumin.  Basil, mozzarella, proscuitto.  BBQ, corn, zucchini.  I love them all.  The one thing we try to achieve with our summer meals is efficiency.  Although I love to cook, I don’t want to waste away the daylight in the kitchen.  Below are 4 delicious and speedy meals to get you started!

Chicken and prosciutto salad with arugula and asiago from Cooking Light.  We love arugula in our house, it’s a tad more bitter than other greens but adds a unique flavour to a meal.  I substituted fresh parmesan cheese for asiago, since that’s what I had in my fridge.

Pasta with snap peas, basil and spinach from Everyday Food.  Use whole wheat pasta to increase your satiety with this vegetarian meal.  I highly recommend that everyone grows some basil over the summer months.  Fresh, garden-grown basil is amazing and such a convenience!

Our Best Bites Mango Quinoa Salad is wonderful for leftovers and lunches!  I’ve been cooking with quinoa for years now, and I love that it is becoming more commonly used.  Ideally I would have used red pepper to add some more vibrant colours to this supper – but I accidentally cut it up for snacking!  That’s a challenge in our house – since I grocery shop only once a week, sometimes I forget which ingredients need to be saved for which future meal.  So occasionally I need to improvise!

Asian steak kebabs with broccoli slaw from Chew Nibble Nosh is another easy dish!  Buy broccoli slaw from the salad section of your local grocery store.  If you like to cook Asian inspired dishes, chili-garlic sauce and sesame oil are a valuable pantry addition.  You won’t regret it!!

Happy Cooking!  What are you grilling this long weekend??



Oh goodness.  Too many weeks have passed, and I have not found enough time to add more recipes!  So sorry for the delay!

I have been really happy to hear from some of you out there who use my site for cooking inspiration!  The fact that you trust the recipes I feature – it is wonderful.  Through my job I hear that not many people out there make time to cook suppers for their family, and so I am thrilled if I can help you find a delicious and healthy recipe that you can whip up on weeknights or weekends.  Please feel free to leave any feedback you have for me!

Now, onto some new recipes!

Yellow rice & beans & chicken and chorizo from Cooking Light was similar to paella, yum yum.  Sometimes I get frustrated by recipes that feature ingredients that can only be found in the US, however I was able to find yellow rice!  Food Basics has a great ethnic section, where a box of yellow rice was successfully found.  The yellow colour comes from the saffron flavouring.  This meal didn’t take too much time, and made enough for leftovers!  Add a side salad to meet all of your nutrient needs!

Pesto pasta with chicken, zucchini and tomatoes from Becel.  Use whole wheat pasta to make this even more nutritious!  For this meal, I cheated and used red and green pesto from a jar; I just combined them, to taste.  This saved time to make this a speedier weeknight meal.

Spinach and edamame salad from Two Peas and their Pod was a very speedy supper!   I added grilled chicken to give this dish more protein and make it better suited for supper.  I found pepitas in the bulk section of the Superstore.  Many recipes state the cook time, and unless you’re a professional chef there’s no way you can make it in that time.  However, this recipe really only takes 20 minutes!  Definitely worth trying!

Quick Penne with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes from the Food Network’s Giada de Laurentis was a delicious, spring meal!  This is a vegetarian meal that will keep you and your family feeling full if you use whole wheat pasta.  I used frozen peas, since fresh shelled peas are a little harder to find, and they were just as good.  (PS. the picture is not my plate [that would be a huge portion!], it’s the mixing bowl and contains the whole recipe )

Chicken Taco Cups from For the Love of Cooking.   To prepare the chicken, it is best to poach it (simmer in seasoned water for ~20 minutes)!  That way you can prepare the other ingredients while the chicken cooks.   I couldn’t find mexican cotija cheese, and therefore substituted cream cheese – worked just fine!  Pair with a salad with corn, black beans and tomatoes.

Happy Cooking!

How are you all?  Have you been enjoying spring?  Such wild weather it has been…  I have many more supper recipes to share with you.  To remind you again how this website works: I put a link to the recipe in the name of each meal (the orange type).  And then I tell you a bit about why I chose the meal, how I prepared it differently from the instructions, or a way to make the meal healthier!  Let’s go!….

Spinach and Apple Salad from the Curvy Carrot is a good meal to take to a potluck or a group dinner.  In this salad, the candied almond are the winning ingredient.  So yummy – don’t leave them out!  If you are preparing this in advanced, make sure to put some lemon juice on the apple slices (before adding to the salad) to prevent browning.

Sriracha marinara and meatballs from Everyday Food is a delicious new take on spaghetti.  It’s a wonderfully spicy meal that uses the beloved sriracha sauce.  The meatballs are lower in fat since they are made from lean pork.  It does take a bit more time to make and broil your own meatballs, however if you make enough you will have leftovers!  Two meals for the work of one!  I found the recipe to make about 20 meatballs.  Also, if you make sure to thaw the frozen chopped spinach ahead of time, the prep time will be quicker!

We also enjoyed Taco burgers with cucumber salad from Everyday Food.  It’s quite surprising how different burgers taste when chili powder is added to the beef.  What a nice take on a regular dish.  Serve with some pickled banana peppers, mayo and lettuce (and of course a whole wheat bun!).  Mmmm!

Crustless broccoli and cheddar quiche from Everyday Food is one of my favorite quick vegetarian suppers.  If you serve this with a salad and whole grain crusty bread, you have made a complete meal.  The recipe suggests making individual portions, however I like to prepare it in a pie dish.  The frozen broccoli is such a timesaver.  Yes the recipe has a longer cook time, however you can do something else when it’s baking in the oven!

Creamy pesto chicken with roasted tomatoes from BBC Good Food is another spring favorite of ours.  Instead of mascarpone cheese I used cream cheese (potato, potaaato).   I also use regular breadcrumbs, and Pam or other cooking spray to coat the chicken.  The oven temperature of 200C is about 400F.  Pine nuts are ridiculously expensive right now (due to the ongoing shortage of pine nuts), however you can avoid them in this recipe and the taste will still be great!  This supper is soooo good!

What have you been cooking lately??  Have you tried anything new for supper lately?



What is your favorite type of dinner?  Do you like soups, stews, or mixed dishes?  Or would you rather have a portion of meat with sides?  I am more of a mixed dish kinda gal (especially in the colder months), as you can probably tell from the recipes that I feature here.   Have you found any winning recipes lately?  What are your favorite Newlywife Supper Club featured recipes?  Have you tried them yet?  Trying new recipes can be intimidating.   But I’m telling you – it’s worth it!!  Just plan ahead, decide you are going to have it for supper, and dive in!  The worst that can happen is that you work on your cooking skills and you get to have the satisfaction of following through with a small project!

Here’s a new batch of suppers for you to try this week:

Easy Chickpea Curry from Martha’s Everyday Food.   Who doesn’t like a warm curry on a drizzly day??  When you follow the link to the recipe, the picture on Martha’s site is incorrect; eggs were definitely not involved in this curry.  I paired this meal with basmati rice.  The cherry tomatoes in this dish really complemented the flavours of the curry – don’t leave them out!  This is an easy and delicious meatless meal that is loaded with veggies, and features protein- and iron-rich chickpeas.

Penne with Turkey Ragu from the Food Network was another lovely weeknight meal!  It really does only take 35 minutes to prepare this one, and you will most definitely have leftovers that can be used later in the week.  Always swap regular pasta with whole wheat!

Aren’t we all looking for new takes on chicken?  Cooking Light’s Maple Mustard Glazed Chicken is just what you need!   Yes, you need to buy a few more pantry items for this one (cider vinegar, whole grain mustard); however if each week you buy a few more pantry items, you will find you develop a well-stocked kitchen cabinet.  Serve with brown rice and green salad.

Our meat fix will be satisfied with Pork Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce from Cooking Light.  Can you believe that I used to hate mushrooms?  So silly!  There’s nothing that can emulate that delicious earthy flavour of sauteed mushrooms.    Hubby is a big fan of mushrooms, so he is also glad that I am no longer a hater.  This will be served with roasted baby potatoes and steamed asparagus.

Cooking for a group?  This Spaghetti Bake adapted from Canadian Living is a great ‘make-ahead’ meal for a crowd.  The recipe isn’t available on the web, so see the recipe write-up below.  I make this dish often, and always forget to take a picture.  Just use your imagination – it’s loaded with tomato sauce, spinach and cheese.   This one can be frozen and then baked when you are ready to eat it.  Don’t be rushed, and make sure to read the recipe ahead of time and prep all the ingredients in advanced.  This will help reduce the workload once you start cooking.  Prepare in a 13×9 (rectangular) glass baking dish.  Serves 8!!


800g mild italian sausage with casings removed, 2 chopped onions, 6 minced garlic cloves, 1 tbsp dried basil, 4 cups sliced mushrooms, 2 cans (28oz each) diced tomatoes, 1 can tomato paste, 6 cups chopped fresh spinach, 375g (1 box) spaghetti.

Ingredients for cheese topping:

2 tbsp butter, 1/3 cup all-purpose flour, 3 cups milk, 3/4 cup mozzarella cheese, 1/4 tsp salt and pepper, 1/2 cup parmesan cheese


1. In a large soup pot, saute sausage over medium-high heat, breaking up, until no longer pink. About 5 minutes.  Drain off fat and then add in onions, garlic and basil.  Cook for 5 minutes.  Then add mushrooms and cook until liquid is evaporated, a futher 5 minutes.

2. Add tomatoes, tomato paste and pepper, bring to boil.  Reduce heat and simmer until most of the liquid is evaporated, 15 minutes.  Add spinach and turn heat to low.

3. Work on the on the topping while the sauce is simmering.  In a saucepan, melt butter over medium heat.  Whisk in flour for 1 minute.  Then whisk in milk, slowly and whisking constantly, until smooth and thickened.  This will take 12-15 minutes.  It may help to have an extra hand for this step.

4. While both the sauce and topping is simmering, boil the spaghetti in a large pot of salted water.  Cook only until firm, about 5 minutes.  Drain and then add to your meat sauce.  Toss to coat.  Spread into greased glass dish, and the pour the topping evenly over the spaghetti mixture.  Sprinkle with parmesan cheese.

5.  If you plan on freezing for later, let cool for 30 minutes before covering with heavy duty foil.  Freeze for up to 1 month.  Thaw in fridge for 48 hours.

6.  Bake at 375F until golden and bubbly, 50-60 minutes.



Hello again!

It’s been 2 weeks since my last post (sorry!) and there have been lots of delicious dinners, just not enough time to write about them!  Hope you’ve been making some of the other recipes that I have shared!  Here’s what we’ve been cooking and eating lately:

Tortellini and Spinach Bake in Creamy Lemon Sauce from Our Best Bites was a great meal when entertaining!  It does require some extra time, so this is likely a weekend supper meal.  If you’ve ever made your own cream sauce, you know that it will take some whisking power – but don’t be discouraged!  Perhaps having a second helper in the kitchen would be of benefit if you’re still perfecting your cooking skills with this recipe.  Another tip for success would be to prepare the bacon on a baking sheet in the oven.  Line bacon up on tinfoil, bake for ~20 minutes at 400F.  This way you can attend to the other ingredients, and the bacon will do it’s own thing.

Everyday Food’s Slow cooker beef and tomato stew was an easy comfort meal.  I loved the strong tomato flavour of this take on a beef stew.  We served this over brown rice, but you could also use quinoa!  Make extras of your starch, and this will give you warm and cozy lunch leftovers for a few days.

On Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday we were able to have breakfast for dinnner!  I love breakfast, and don’t often get to post about it, on this blog that focuses on supper!  For this annual pancake Tuesday, I made a new recipe: Lemon cottage cheese pancakes with strawberries from Two Peas and their Pod.  They were so wonderful!  I loved that the addition of cottage cheese provided us with enough protein so that we didn’t need any other  typical high fat breakfast meat on the side!  The lemon flavour was just enough to taste, but not overpowering.  Making pancakes from scratch doesn’t take much longer than those boxed versions, and it’s way healthier!  Give it a try!!

Southwestern stuffed peppers from Real Simple gave us a taste of the south on a dreary day!  This supper takes a little more time, but most of it is spent baking in the oven.  The prep time is similar to other supper recipes.  Just get going on this as soon as you get home from work, and you won’t notice the longer delay for supper!  The flavours of cumin, green chiles, and corn with the greek yogurt and salsa was top notch!

On one of the warmer nights that we’ve had, I took advantage of the BBQ and grilled some steak.  On the side we had roasted  baby potatoes, and roasted beets with orange and thyme from Everyday Food.  I love beets!!  These were so easy, and helped to add some kick to our vegetable selection for supper.  Beets are rich in wonderful antioxidants!

Tonight our supper plans include Slow cooker bean and spinach enchiladas from Real Simple.  I seem to have found a lot of good recipes in Real Simple magazine this month!!  Crockpots or slow cookers may not be the most trendy of kitchen tools, but they sure do help if you want to save time in the evenings!  And I love finding new exciting slow cooker recipes that are a tad more modern.  Frozen spinach is another easy and nutritious way to add vegetables to many suppers!

Happy Cooking!  Enjoy your suppers this week!  Do you have any new favorites, courtesy of the Supper Club?

This week the weather has been unseasonably warm.  As a fan of winter, it’s a bit of a bummer.  But I’m trying to make the best of it, and I even barbecued!  And it’s also been great to have mild, and mess-free dog walking!

For the Superbowl, I made this delicious homemade restaurant-style salsa from the Pioneer Woman.  As she says, there’s nothing like perfect salsa and this one is the best I’ve made so far!  Don’t forget the fresh cilantro, it is such an asset to this recipe.

Next on the menu was Cooking Light’s Enchilada Casserole.  Use lean ground beef and whole wheat tortillas for this dish.  When I prepared this, I found that 1 pound of ground beef only allowed for 3 layers (or 3 tortillas).   Flexibility is always a great idea when you are cooking, because you never know when you need to make some modifications!!  On the side, we had black beans with sautéed red peppers and jalapeño.

Foil-packed Fish with Black Beans and Corn from Pink Parsley.  My mom e-mailed this recipe to me, and it’s wonderful!  The flavours of the chiles in adobo, the corn and cilantro make me dream of warmer days…  And since this is cooked all-in-one in a foil pack, that means less dishes!!  (tilapia was our fish of choice)

Cooking Light Pan-grilled Ginger-Honey Pork Tenderloin with snow peas and basmati rice.  The recipe suggests a grill pan, but like I said the weather allowed me to BBQ the pork.   I also find, high heat and honey can cause the smoke alarm to go off!  And our beloved pup Roy can’t stand when the smoke alarm goes off, so I try to avoid it at all costs!

Next up will be Chicken Piccata with roasted root vegetables and smashed potatoes from Cooking Light.  Capers are an important component of this recipe.  Capers are like pickles, in that they are stored in brine and keep well in your fridge!  Although they appear small and you make think unnecessary in a recipe, they pack a flavourful punch in dishes so make sure to include them in this meal.  We all look for new takes on chicken, so give this one a try!

How have you been making the most of this crazy warm weather??

More delicious supper recipes are on the way!   This past week, every recipe we had for supper was a knock out.  Even my hubby agreed.  Yum yum yum.

Although it really hasn’t been a frigid winter (yet) in Ontario, I still love soup for supper.  And this one is amazing.  It’s a refined, more fancy version of chicken noodle soup.  Using orzo, lemon and wilted spinach.  You have got to try the Spinach Lemon Orzo soup that I found on Tasty Kitchen‘s website.  Definitely make sure you buy the fresh, largely grated parmesan for this one.   Add we added poached chicken to make this a more nutritionally-complete supper.  Have you ever poached chicken?  It sounds really strange, but basically you cook chicken breasts in boiling water or broth for about 15 minutes.  I use water and add some dried herbs.  That way I am not adding salt from the broth, and it still produces moist, flavourful chicken.  Give it a try, I swear you won’t regret it!  It’s a great way to easily prepare chicken for salads as well.  Some recipes actually poach the chicken, then drain the water and shred the chicken, place it back in the pot and then cook it in a bit of oil to give it some crispness.  You could try that too!

Next we had Martha Stewart’s Herb crusted Salmon.  This was paired with a spinach salad and roasted baby potatoes.  The dijon mustard and the salmon was a great pairing of flavours that I don’t see too often.  Instead of making my own breadcrumbs as the recipe suggests, I used Panko crumbs.  It is a great time saver.  This meal met my ‘fish once a week’ criteria!  I look for fresh (not farmed) salmon if I can get it.

One of our quicker meals this week involved a roasted whole chicken that I picked up on my way home from work.  We had Chicken and Grape salad from Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food.  Not everyone likes the flavour of blue cheese, but it was wonderful in this salad.  I actually found a tub of blue cheese that was crumbled, and was less expensive compared to the block of cheese!   And another bonus to this recipe is that we had leftover roasted chicken to use for sandwiches for our lunches.

Chicken with Pepperoni-Marinara Sauce with a side of whole wheat pasta in sauce and arugula salad.  This recipe was from Cooking Light and it was in fact very well balanced for calories despite using some pepperoni.  Yes, pepperoni isn’t the leanest, lowest sodium meat out there, but the recipe involves 4 pepperonis per serving.  And the flavour it adds to this meal is irreplaceable.  Another must-have for this recipe is a pan that can go from stove top to oven.  I have a set of pots and pans (thanks to my aunt and uncle!) that can be used in the oven, and that makes them so useful!!  A cast-iron skillet can also be used in this situation.   Try this supper!

Last but not least, we also had Shrimp with Lemon Saffron Rice, again from Cooking Light.  I think I’ve said this before, but saffron is such a unique flavour.  And I have the advantage of getting imported saffron threads from my mom in England which is much less expensive than saffron here in North America.  This recipe involves minute rice for the purpose of a speedier cooking time; however the glycemic index of minute rice puts me off.  Instead I used the quick cooking brown rice, and boiled it in advanced of adding in to the remaining ingredients.  To make the substitution work, I cooked the rice as the package indicates, but removed it from the stove with 5 minutes remaining, so that it could cook the remaining minutes with the rest of the ingredients (as the recipe states).  Do you follow what I’m saying?    Another great dish to add to your supper repertoire.

How have you guys been doing out there with planning your suppers?  Do you plan at least one meal in advanced?  Do you notice that you save time and money?

Happy Cooking!!

Ah January.  I’m always a bit sad to see the holiday season go, but on the other hand it’s nice to get back into the routine of regular life.  I’m not really a ‘resolutions’ kind of person; however, did anyone out there make any cooking/healthy eating resolutions?  Maybe to eat more often at home, or plan a few suppers ahead of time each week??  Eating well and organizing are what January means to me!

Hope you can find something you’d like to eat this week, below!  Here’s a glimpse at what we’re eating…

Tortellini with Mushroom Sauce from Everyday Food.

This is fairly simple and quick to prepare, but tastes like a restaurant dish!  My local grocery store didn’t have shiitake mushrooms, and so I used cremini instead.  Serve with a large spinach salad with oil & vinegar dressing.  Delicious!!

The recipe calls for chopped fresh parsley; however in the winter, fresh herbs are expensive and often go to waste.  So I have a secret weapon in my freezer: President’s Choice frozen chopped herbs in an easy to shake box.  So handy and a great timesaver.  Try them this winter!

People often think pasta is unhealthy – but it isn’t.  The problem is not with pasta itself, but the portions of pasta that we eat.  Did you know that 1 cup of cooked pasta is considered an appropriate serving size?  Measure it out, and you’ll be surprised at how this compares to your typical portions.  Balance your smaller pasta portion with more veggies!

Quinoa and Roasted Pepper Chili from Cooking Light.

A vegetarian dish that packs a flavour punch!  It’s really simple to roast your own peppers, and the flavour is well worth the extra effort.  The other must-have ingredient are the fire-roasted diced tomatoes.  Since the Canadian canned version didn’t have chipotle chiles in it, I added a roasted jalapeño pepper for heat and spice.  I was pretty surprised to see ‘roasted diced tomatoes’ in a can, and wonder if this is a new product here in Canada?  I really hope they stick around because they could really add flavour to a lot of dishes.

Although this dish is vegetarian, the beans and the quinoa are a great source of protein!

Salmon with Lemon, Capers and Rosemary from the Food Network.  I will be adding roasted potatoes and acorn squash as sides.   This dish reminds me of the salmon I recently had at my brother’s wedding!  It was wonderful, and so I hope this recipe is as well.

Sesame beef stir-fry from Cooking Light.  Hubby loves stir fry, and we don’t eat enough red meat (rich in iron!) in the winter when we aren’t grilling as often.  The 4 cups of spinach that are added to the stir-fry are also a great source of iron!  🙂

Enjoy!  Happy Cooking!!