How are you all?  Have you been enjoying spring?  Such wild weather it has been…  I have many more supper recipes to share with you.  To remind you again how this website works: I put a link to the recipe in the name of each meal (the orange type).  And then I tell you a bit about why I chose the meal, how I prepared it differently from the instructions, or a way to make the meal healthier!  Let’s go!….

Spinach and Apple Salad from the Curvy Carrot is a good meal to take to a potluck or a group dinner.  In this salad, the candied almond are the winning ingredient.  So yummy – don’t leave them out!  If you are preparing this in advanced, make sure to put some lemon juice on the apple slices (before adding to the salad) to prevent browning.

Sriracha marinara and meatballs from Everyday Food is a delicious new take on spaghetti.  It’s a wonderfully spicy meal that uses the beloved sriracha sauce.  The meatballs are lower in fat since they are made from lean pork.  It does take a bit more time to make and broil your own meatballs, however if you make enough you will have leftovers!  Two meals for the work of one!  I found the recipe to make about 20 meatballs.  Also, if you make sure to thaw the frozen chopped spinach ahead of time, the prep time will be quicker!

We also enjoyed Taco burgers with cucumber salad from Everyday Food.  It’s quite surprising how different burgers taste when chili powder is added to the beef.  What a nice take on a regular dish.  Serve with some pickled banana peppers, mayo and lettuce (and of course a whole wheat bun!).  Mmmm!

Crustless broccoli and cheddar quiche from Everyday Food is one of my favorite quick vegetarian suppers.  If you serve this with a salad and whole grain crusty bread, you have made a complete meal.  The recipe suggests making individual portions, however I like to prepare it in a pie dish.  The frozen broccoli is such a timesaver.  Yes the recipe has a longer cook time, however you can do something else when it’s baking in the oven!

Creamy pesto chicken with roasted tomatoes from BBC Good Food is another spring favorite of ours.  Instead of mascarpone cheese I used cream cheese (potato, potaaato).   I also use regular breadcrumbs, and Pam or other cooking spray to coat the chicken.  The oven temperature of 200C is about 400F.  Pine nuts are ridiculously expensive right now (due to the ongoing shortage of pine nuts), however you can avoid them in this recipe and the taste will still be great!  This supper is soooo good!

What have you been cooking lately??  Have you tried anything new for supper lately?