This post is high in fish-focused dishes, so I hope you all are fans of salmon and tuna!  It just so happens that the share-worthy recipes we’ve had lately were of the fish variety.   We should all be aiming to eat fish at least once a week, so I hope these recipes help!  Enjoy!

Caribbean Jerk Salmon Bowl from Pink Parsley was delish!  I found some inexpensive wild pacific (skin-on) salmon from President’s Choice Blue Menu.  The pineapple salsa was wonderful and could be used in a variety of dishes!  Try and make it ahead of time to allow the flavours to blend and to save your dinner prep time.  Brown rice and black beans are a great source of fibre.  Definitely try this one!

Everyday Food Tuna, Chickpea and Beet Salad is a healthy, and tasty salad!  The recipe calls for packaged, roasted beets.  I have yet to find these in a grocery store here in Canada, so unfortunately I had to roast my own.  Roasting beets is easy, but a tad time consuming.  Just wash the beets, wrap as a group in foil and bake for about 45 min at 425F, or until soft when squeezed.  If you are a 9-5’er, maybe do this step the night before you plan on having this supper.  Or you can try pickled beets as well.  The chickpeas and tuna are great sources of healthy fats and protein!

Chicken, Chickpea and Pesto Salad from Everyday Food – another salad with three main ingredients in the title! haha.  Yum pesto. You can make your own, or the version you buy in the grocery store is pretty good too.  The crunch from the celery and cucumbers contribute to a very refreshing taste!   The chicken was poached (aka boiled for 20 min in seasoned water) and then shredded.  See my next photo for a simple way to shred chicken if you are an owner of a stand mixer.

Make extras, cause this salad is wonderful for leftovers.  

Did you know that you can shred chicken breasts in minutes, if you have a stand mixer??? It’s incredibly easy.  Just put the chicken in the bowl, and run the mixer on low (speed 2-3). In this photo, I actually over-shredded the chicken – left it for a tad too long.  Give it a try!

Asian Grilled Salmon from Ina Garten is fabulous, and doesn’t involve washing too many dishes!  Give this one a try if you are looking for a new take on your salmon filets.  I paired it with a simple asian slaw that is one of my go-to summer sides.

What are your favorite ways to eat fish?  Do you have a handy kitchen shortcut like shredding chicken in a stand mixer?

Happy Cooking!